Maison Brume



Born from winter confinement, the Maison Brume project has his roots on a 2012 evening in montréal. Breeding on contemplation of nothern skies and  feverish the montreal scene, Florian Seraul’s music offers, right from the start, an orchestral, oneiric and sensitive folk music.

In august 2013, his first effort « La Vie Sabbatique », opens a window towards the public and got a warm welcome from french and quebec médias. His writing is « refined », « inventive » and they tell a story « tied up in laces ». Then the project cinfirms his momentum at Francouvertes, Montréal’s francophonies and the Granby festival.

Afterwards a moment of pause allowed Florain Seraul new pathes from music to image. He teamed up with directors and producers that helped him polish his sound research.

In 2016, atfer a long thinking, the idea of « Saison d’être » sprouts; a 2 parts autobiographical and immersive conecpt album.

The first part, titled « Carnet d’hiver » (released in january 2017) relates a time of lonelyness and the main themes are looking for one’s true self, the ordeals of life and growing up. The winter sensations are in the lyrics as well as in the music.

The second part « Croquis d’été » (release date summer 2017) will make room to swift moments of elationa and quietude, celebrating childhood, frivolity or love encounter.
This second part, as an echo to the first, will draw a sketch of a few answers to the winter doubts.


Les saisons d’être – Part 1: Carnet d’hiver ( january 2017)