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Boris Paillard and his musical project The Keys are yet another interesting paradox in the Another Record roster !

The Keys travels the world as a lone songwriter with semi-formed songs in mind, but that’s only to make random encounters easier. Most recently, there has been some lovely ones in Southern Wales, where he put together another temporary band bursting with talent.

« You Can’t Beat Me If I’m Not Playing » (his 8th album) was recorded during the winter of 2013 around Swansea in the company of a dozen brilliant local musicians (including horns, strings and backing vocals), often met thanks to pure luck. His labelmates Odran Trümmel and Andy Lévêque, as well as French troubadour Sammy Decoster, were also invited to the recording party of this collection, which lies somewhere between Folk ’n’ Roll and Edgy Pop.

Now at the end of this collaborative and international process, the album, mixed by Bill Moriarty (Dr Dog, Man Man, The Sheepdogs…) and mastered by Carl Saff (Frog Eyes, Purling Hiss, Papier Tigre…) is ready to make its way into your ears!

For his ninth album « Now Is Not A Good Time », french songwriter Boris Paillard went across northern america by Megabus in 2014 and 2015 to meet with 20 musicians in LA, Providence, Denver and his then hometown Toronto. From those different sessions we now get 10 songs that were recorded in a few days in the urgency of such ephemeral stays. Strings, horns and choirs are as usual on the menu and also for a first time with pianos, organs and electric guitars. The lyrics though remainthe core of the project being introspective speculations of social comments.

The album is released in an unuasual format, as a book with lyrics, studio photos and original collages from the songwriter, along with an artisanal serigraph cover.


NOW IS NOT A GOOD TIME – (november 2016)
the keys

1.You Of All People
2.God Knows I Tried (To Believe In Him)
3.Dying To Know
4.Calling It Quits
5.Up To Speed
6.If Not You Then Who
7.Evil That’s A First
8.She Goes Without Saying
9.Nothing To Write Home About
10.Something To Be Said

the keys
1. More Often Than Not
2. The Last Laugh
3. Two Thousand And What
4. Don’t Make Me Say It
5. Way Back When
6. No For An Answer
7. Up To No Good
8. Waving The Wrong Flag
9. The Staring Contest
10. Twenty-Something
11. Next Thing You Know
12. Those Were The Days
More Often Than Not:

the keys

LONG TIME NO SEA – (october 2011)
1. If not the best
2. Too dark to read
3. Next to nothing
4. More of the same
5. Where is my miracle
6. The end of me
7. There is no next time
8. I became who you thought i was


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