Francois and the Atlas Mountains


frànçois arrived in the UK from Bordeaux France in Autumn 2003. Armed with a guitar, Kaos pad and a self released album and spurred on by a frustration with the lack of inspiration or like minded souls in his homeland, he immediately threw himself into the Bristol music scene. Early Sunday morning trips to local car-boot sales led to a vast catalogue of old casio keyboards and childrens’ toys soon to become his trademark. For his first Bristol show in early 2004 he took to the stage alone using guitar, live samples, a drum machine and a keyboard – played simultaneously with his guitar via his feet by ingeniously extending the keys with knives. His music was marked by a mix of refreshingly playful and experimental ideas coupled with a natural pop sensibility and gentle bilingual vocals.


(JULY 2009)

1. Royan
2. One voice in the noise
3. The long journey
4. Peaux rouges
5. Cachou
6. Allons à la piscine
7. Kitchens and dictionarïes
8. Nights = days
9. So many nos

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