‘Oblique image’ a constraint rework imagined by françois atlas (mountains)

For its sweet 15, Another Record offered Frànçois and the Atlas Moutains the opportunity to imagine a surprise release. Quite quickly an idea arose  whose oulipien side seduced us right away: from 4 samples from the album Solide Mirage and the lyrics to the songs, bands from Tours (our hometown) or from the label were invited to create their own songs. No first listenings to the actual songs, no direction whatsoever. A huge space for freedom with a very slight constraint. Songs arrived in february.
We discovered them, happy to hear them so good, to read françois,’s ideas about them, since he knew where they started from, and get excited about the radical rewritings, poetic twists, experimental, orwellien atmospheres that bands would make of his Solide Mirage…
Those songs have been united on a limited 150 copies K7 edition named Oblique Image and placed under the patronage of « François Atlas » whose short tracks open and close each side  of the tape.
The tape is available with a dl coupon here
For more info about the bands, see you on the labels website
Frànçois Atlas Affres (0:58)
Dilo RomanTête forcenée (4:32)
Yacht Club – La face rayée (2:26)
Vincent GuiotVidant les poches aux machines (6:10)
Frànçois AtlasQuatre-20-Deux (1 :18)
Frànçois AtlasOuadouwa (0:58)
AnnaJamais trois pareils (3:51)
Selen PeacockSans Millions (3:17)
TachycardieCrache des Grenouilles (5:34)
Frànçois AtlasOne voice in the noise home jam (2:00)