Newsletter november 2015

It’s been a while still Another Record hasn’t been inactive. We can already announce a new Bajram Bili EP co produced with « le turc mécannique » (december 11th) and a new band, « Selen Peacock » (january 22nd) which we are very proud of.

In the meantime here is a look back at last years records

The Keys

« along with local musicians and a few french friends he invents a polyphonic world and he’s ready for any hybridization, funk brassbands, irish fiddle, cuban percussions, saxophone tahitian ukulélé and rythm n blues backing vocals »

(Longueur d’ondes)

« In the way of the brilliant Merz, who also is is great traveller, The Keys works with many sonic universes.. Still it’s not tasteless world music. It’s something else, something much better a complete immersion into our hyper world. A complex and sublime melting pot »

 » (A Découvrir absolument)

Listen :

GÂTECHIEN (vinyle / numérique)

« Another Record has had the brilliant idea to reissue the 2 first eps of this fantastic pair That sounds a bit like Fugazi (quite obviously on the 4th track) but even more obviously managed quite quickly to define its own landmarks, in a land of the wild, the unleashed, subtle and crazy groovy.


Listen :


« An album packed with many ideas that are never scattered and work for the best effect in the song… the different parts in his new songswork like steps through a single story. Filled  with craft and always to the point « In a jar » is simply a great record » (Chronicart)

« A sioundtrack to escape and marvelous voyage, just like it’s nomadous maker dansing with agility on the borders, mocking them »

(Les Inrockuptibles)


SATELLITE JOCKEY (vinyle / CDR / numérique)

  » Pop and very carefully crafted, simple and ambitious but never pretentious, it represents all we expect from a pop record nowadays.. An ensemble of a rare coherence and a rara beauty also.. 9/10 (DumDum)

« An hyper ambitious record looking towards the idea of a total pop music  » (villa schweppes)

Listen :

Buy the VINYLE :

BAJRAM BILI (vinyle / CDR/ numérique)

  » Great first album  »  (Sourdoreille)

 » Bajram Bili is one of those we’ll have to cherish over the next few months to give them a chance as for Rone to get out of a small circle of fans. With a melodic elevator like Sky Osc Dealer, he may just puncture the ceiling.  » (Gonzaï)


PARAD (Réédition vinyle / CD / numérique)

  » A major writer, hammering words with chhekiness like Arnaud Fleurent Didier or the bleached rage of Fauve if they were grown to be solitary males. » (Les Inrockuptibles)

« Both fragile and filled with strength, This parade hands over a genuine energy mixed with an unperishable sadness  » (Longueur d’ondes)