New release: Bajram Bili’s Distant Drone

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There is a great freedom in synthetic-music in France in 2015. After a rehabilitation phase led by Etienne Jaumet, Turzi or Pan European in the beginning of the decade, the recovery obligation of the historical electronic (for club or non club music) estate is nowadays obsolete. Artists can now chose wether to draw from it or not, to mix it with modern landscapes… A producer no longer needs to justify the tools he uses. That’s what makes Adrien Gachet aka Bajram Bili so exciting: while his work is stamped with analog synths, he is part of a generation that considers this as a detail, facing an ocean of possibilities.

« Distant Drone » was meant to be released as a cassette, but it soon became obvious it should be a 10″vinyl. The two tracks on this EP are a fascinating outcome of a cycle initiated with « Sequenced Fog », while diving into the club adventure. This record is a perfect companion piece to the album « Saturdays With No Memory » (released erlier this year). The A side ‘Roger & Stan’ swallows Border Community and Rephlex in a sort of an emotional rollercoaster that explodes in a flood worthy of the great times of bass music. The B side ‘Distant Drone’ can be seen as a fond farewell to his album with delicate arpeggios, house music ghosts cleverly hidden in the groove. Mainly those two make a playfull, impulsive pair, far from what is usually done. It chooses to talk to the body with a tool mainly dedicated to the mind. It’s probably what makes it so special. Another Record – home where Bajram Bili’s previous EP and debut album were released – and the post punk label Le Turc Mecanique are very proud to present this « Distant Drone » EP.

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