The Finkielkrauts [noisy cold wave]



Created informally in Tours (France) in the summer of 2008, The Finkielkrauts were notsupposed to last. It’s only because the local radio Radio Béton boosted them, by programming themfor their first concert after falling under their home-made recordings’ spell, that the noisy agitpropjoke became the seat of a wild insurrection inside the post-modern French rock scene. A fewmonths later, after collaborating with Rubin Steiner, The Finkielkrauts released their firstEP, “Distance”, which was unanimously supported by the critics while assuring those who venturedto their shows a good splash of sweat.Distance, this is one of the Finkies’ characteristics, as they all live far away from each otherin France. Distance is what imposes urgency when they gather, compose and go on tour, andurgency is what constitutes The Finkielkraut’s identity at its core! Their rigorous composure ledthem to record some new songs, which are now unveiled in a second EP titled “Smog”.Still welcoming but more aggressive, their music oscillates between a hypnosis with addedvitamins and a neurasthenic irony. Held by an insistent dancing beat, it proposes guitars’ andkeyboards’ intervals that are sometimes piercing and sometimes atmospheric, all this beingoverlapped by the singer’s voice, who shows off like a pornographic crooner.Although they admit being part of a family composed of Wire, A Place To Bury Strangers,The Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster or even Cheveu, The Finkielkrauts are, first of all,themselves, Get prepared, cause they’re planning to prove it live, all along the upcoming year!


Smog (EP)(mars 2011)
1. Distance 2. Happy Birthday Motorik  3. Did You See The Blood ? 4. Hatred Song 5. Borderline 6.Incorrect

Distance (EP)(february 2010)1. Cocksucker No Blues 2. Loversong 3. Colonizer Hat 4. Writing a Song 5. Technocrat


Distance @Le Bateau Ivre


Incorect @L’Astrolab


The Finkielkrauts – Technocrat , by Palem Candillier

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