Trümmelschlager [we can’t tag it]



What the hell is Trummelschlager, but a silly name?

First Trummelschlager is a guy, a little less than 6 feet and a half, 8 Charlemagne’s pounds, of austro-dutch origins, with a few chinese and etruscan genes, strawberry blonde hair, two eyebrows, insomniac, teethgrinder, Munchausen, Ganser and Peter Pan syndromes (though a little less). The rest is in good shape and a nice guy, especially during the month of may. He is a local french boxing, and hockey champion and a an afficionado of the french ancestor of rugby : « la soule » – one can tell he really is one healthy young man. He also has a huge tendency to mythomania.

Trummelschalger is an alias for Johan trummel, writer of « the soft margin », a first novel that has been welcomed by litterary critics (Chronicart, and le figaro littéraire among others), and one can find his brio back in his first album « Guru », as well as a sense of scorn and rythm. Trummel stands for trummel, schlager is for schlager wich in german means « huge mega hit in tea dance world ».

Trummelschlager is a makeshift job turned into goldsmith’s art. He is composing meticulous electronic laces for a playfull and catchy pop music. One could feel  here the funny rustles of Cornelius, hear pop melodies sounding like blur or some old sents from Beck.

Trummelschlager is also love for silly lyrics wich would rather sound good than mean anything. You could find there naked guys busted by cops, failed menage à trois, or pleas for men with moustaches.

He started publihing while starting playing with the grind jazz band epsilom sigma club (with his brother odran and andy bishop) and with this band he opened for the Ex or Nervous cabaret.
In the meantime he went on composing on his own. He has settled in Barcelone since a few years.

He could remain ununderstandable but he ‘s trying his best.
So we should be thankfull.


(november 2010)
1. Let’s start a beat !
2. I grew a moustache
3.  Yeah ! I am blind !
4. Doesn’t that sound cruel to you ?
5. Freedom fries
6. Human soufflet / Hammer
7. The denunciation of Milton Alderness
9. She hates it
9. My e-friend hans


I grew a moustache


She hates it


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