Odran Trümmel [psyché-pop-folk]



The French man with unclear origins and an unpronounceable name has been building his own musical universe for 10 years like an architect who doesn’t care about the laws of physics while drawing his plans. This total freedom finds its roots in a voracious curiosity about any kind of good music, his gifts as an instrumentalist, and his trust in the listener’s open-mindedness.
There is some folk influence in the ex-Londoner / new Lisboner music, but this is above all striking how far it stands from the singer-songwriter routine of the genre. As harmonically rich as it is rhythmically tight, Odran’s songs find their way somewhere between weirdo jazz and progressive pop to end up very personal and peculiar.
Both poetic and quirky, Odran’s songs are nonetheless inspired by real life, considering we spend a third of it dreaming. Odran has been playing since 2005, most of the time with his trio (Andy Bishop on saxophone & bass and Fabien Tchernovski on percussion). The music being quite multi-faceted, they could alternatively go crazy and Zappa-ish in festivals and rock venues, or acoustic and intimate in smaller cafés or even busking in the streets.
In a Jar is Odran’s 4th album and is quite distinctive by its sound and consistency: entirely acoustic, the album was recorded mostly by Odran playing all the instruments, from percussions (calabash, bongos, tabla etc) to string instruments (guitar, mandolin, charango, banjo, psaltery etc.). Musicians and friends were also invited to sing and play cello, violin, viole de gambe and saxophone and give the album a rich and warm “chamber” psych-folk texture.
Odran released three LP and one EP with the French label Another Record, played hundreds of gigs in France and Britain from London to Glasgow mostly with the folk rock act the Keys. He played with bands such as Tuung, Nervous Cabaret, Moriarty, Francois & the Altas Moutain.
In 2015 the trio upgraded to a quartet as Charlotte aka Rayon Gamma joined the new acoustic and vocal line-up. The French illustrator Fräneck who once created the artwork for label mates the Keys’“Long Time no Sea” is now giving form and matter to a unique serigraph booklet released in 300 copies. A precious item for some music that is as complex as it is accessible.


march 2015 – Buy
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february 2012 – Buy
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RABID DOGS may 2011 – Buy
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MUTANTS AND LOONIES september 2007 – Buy
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DOWN LOUISHILL (december 2005) – Buy

1. Swimming over the dam
2. My brand new disguise
3. Spooks with leather boots
4. Mister cockroach
5. Every nook and cranny
6. Sitting on a powderkeg
7. The weight of your shade
8. Shinkansen
9. 4 in the morning
10. The intruder
11. Jokes and anecdotes
12. Astronauts
13. Salty lakes


The Truth


The French Butcher


Rabid dogs




Radio Béton 24 février 2012
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Radio Sessions

Radio Béton 24 février 2012
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