The Wedding Soundtrack [pop-folk lo-fi]



The Wedding Soundtrack was at the beginning, a solo project going form suicidal pop to antifolk, where friends gave help sometimes. The man and his project have survived and come back with a new shape. The Wedding Soundtrack is now a trio. The six-legs beast pursues its running in music, pounces sometimes on stretchers, fires at its own ambulance and of everything (of the piano, the violin, the battery (drum kit), the banjo, the kazoo, limp with rhythm and lots of other thingummies). Naturally, the music feels the effects of it, in a waltz where furies make some hand-to-hand fight with sweetness, where we enjoy ourselves with despair. Simon (violinist of Luis Francesco Arena and one-man band of the group), Mathilde (drums) and Clement (voice and guitar) propose a music full of life with feast and hangovers, walks in the woods and shouts at night. The relative instrumental debauchery of the trio, puts up with minimalist intentions, short songs and an idea of demonstration as well remote from the group as, let us say, the atolls of Tuvalu are it of Combes la ville (French godforsaken).

It took 3 years to give birth to a follow up to « poland ». Now it’s done and called Na Na Na Ro. During those 3 years simon kept learning how to play new instruments, mathilde took full responsability on the drums and clement kept writing a presposterous number of songs. During those 3 years the band kept widening their musical range but never indulged themselves to cheap and alluring collages.

Further good news, as a tradition in the band, a 4th member joined in after this 3rd record, is name is vivien and he met with the wedding soundtrack at a common gig with his former band, via dubai.

Let’s not talk about the past » is the wedding soundtrack’s fourth album in ten years, keeping an average 3.3333333 years gap between two deliveries. Starting as a solo project to the now quatuor, the band grew and proposes a new collection of folk, pop and rock songs.

Those who already know the band will find on this record the melodic strength, wide arrangements and radical minimalism they previously enjoyed. The writting became even tighter on this album with no fioritura; no song lasts more than 3m30s.

Those who will discover the band with this record will meet with an unusually sincere band, a little rough on the edges, blowing hot and cold, feeding its music on the whole range of human feelings. No further agenda or concept than producing the musical images best fitting to retranscribe the emotions that go through us all ; or as we like to call it, just good songs.


LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT THE PAST – (october 2013)

01. To See You Again
02. Dive Into the Sun
03. Complex Numbers
04 . Understand
05. The Pain You Felt
06. Lost and Found
07. Trust
08. Ready to Be Young
09. Riverbend
10. Let’s Not Talk About the Past
11. Cat Fight
12. So Sorry

NA NA NA RO – (february 2009)

1. your hand 2. diskofolk 3. all of a sudden 4. sweet for the summer 5. drunkdrunkdrunk 6. spoons 7. enough 8. sweetness 9. wait 10. mauss 11. if you don’t mind 12. night of the loveless knights 13. munch 14. giraffe 15. song of despair/song of hope

POLAND – (may 2006)

1. Even ouverture 2. One of us 3. Cowboyz in the hood 4. Bigger5. Almost anything 6. Damage 7. Thief 8. Child9. Youhou !!!!!! 10. Monday morning 11. Mosquito 12. Bois de st pierre 13. Get on the boat 14. Even 15. Where’s the circle SING ALONG BEFORE YOU DROWN – (december 2003)


1. Volvo 2. Perfect sunday 3. Bad news from the sea 4. Unknown feeling 5. Happy (whithout me) 6. Sing along before you drown 7. A picture (this year’s a failure) 8. 3 AM