Gâtechien [post-punk]



A little more than ten years ago, the bassist of grunge band Headcases and the drummer of the noise band Gina Artworth formed a duo to have fun and let go. The result was called Gatechien from the name of the village where the bass player lived (yes just like Portishead)) and led to an energetic and infectious transe that agregated in their punk cauldron some grunge (for their being extremist of torn out rock), harcore (and primal screams), afterpunk (for the grind drum and bass stuff), post rock, math rock even (to show off and show their smart asses ) and also cute pop melodies ( for everyone’s enjoyment).
Spinnig on tours likes dervishes, far beyond reason, playing in squats where the cop stop the show as well as festival headlined by Muse, they united a bunch of ardent afficionados while releasing 5 studios records and 2 live performances on cds.
The 2 first recordings have been sold out for quite some time but you now can get them on a beautifull vinyl, for anyone who missed the start, for the blessing of getting back together, for anyone who wants to remember that there’s more to punk rock than just skull decorated belts, ugly tatoo’s and mohawks made with way to much gel, hear this loud, dirty, wild and  vital music.


Gâtechien un & deux

(january 2004)
1. Emotional vezou
2. Le rouge à lèvres à mon père
3. Jus d’orange
4. Michel
5. I wanna be your god
6. Se laver les dents avec un rasoir
7. Gâtechien
8. Ping pong
9. Salvador Dali
(april 2003)
1. Track one
2. Track two
3. Track three
4. Track four


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