Tino [electro-pop]


« Laidback lo-fi pop based upon dub-like beats. Tino is Nicolas Albin, Laurent-Emmanuel Girard and Vincent Seguret… Three underground recording artists in France. The music this trio creates reminds us of some of David Bowie’s more experimental work. The songs on Stalone have a somewhat hypnotic and droning effect that is strangely appealing. These gentlemen have a simple and direct manner of writing and recording songs. Interestingly, the songs have as much in common with French pop music as they do with American pop. Nice « who cares » vocals round out the picture… giving the band an obtuse overall sound that is difficult to describe. Nice, uncommon material from a nice and particularly appealing little band… (Rating: 4++++). » Baby Sue – USA.


1. Afghan Exile
2. Swap
3. Super Hero
4. Days
5. Fuck the city
6. No cowboy
7. To go on
8. Links
10. A snake in his eyes
11. Unemployment
12. Full of darkness
13. Christians

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