Luis Francesco Arena [post-folk]


Another Record is proud to release the album of Luis Francesco Arena, first solo record of Pierre-Louis, who already shows an impressive set of recordings with The Headcases, on Timer records, our neighbours from Angoulême. Just for the time of a perfect album, Pierre Louis forsakes the electric energy of the rock scene, which he comes from, to introduce his own little world, his arena, revealing an intimate circus, full of dragons, dwarves, of an ashtray-boy and a sea lion, amongst others (a circus which is more inspired by Tod Browning than Zavatta, of course). The elegant shade of Nike Drake floats over his record, it’s made of compositions and arrangements that allies a surprising sophistication and a georgeous melodic clearness. Coming after a 2 years work with Eric Buelly, this solo album also features some precious people. Then, in addition to the unavoidable Laurent Paradot (Gatechien/Headcases) who plays a myterious instrument on « Ordinary flying horse », we can hear Nathanael and Simon R. (who may join The Wedding Soundtrack very soon) on the cello and violin. Moreover, we can await for intense lives (like the recent show-case of Jarnac sound, very promising), in view of all the stage experience that Pierre-Louis have grown with The Headcases.


(september 2004)
1. Waterlilies
2. Ashtray boy
3. Fair exposure
4. The dwarf
5. The nation is wrong
6. Care after all
7. The sea lion tale
8. Good bye black tights
9. Ordinary flying horse
10. In vineyards
Album available on fiat lux records

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