SZ [post-rock]


« Sample’s Zeal is a merry mess of 62 song embryos selected among about 150. In order not to push forward any of them each sample has the exact same length 75 seconds. In the same state of mind none of them has been transformed, (no reverb no eq). The basic principle of this work prefigures a whole state of mind, let go, being spontaneous and confident. Just do whatever you want and don’t think to much! However being coherent and listenable matters to us. Those are the fruits of experimentations recorded at home on our own or with friends (Nana, Djoj, Dada, XY, Jérémy, DJ hot east, Dom Poney, Pablo, the Jo Angel, Alex, Baptiste, Laurent…) all of those sample’s are in a post folk/rock style. Some of them you’ll like to listen to in the morning to wake softly from your sleep, you may appreciate others at different times of the day or under any circumstances. Some will fit for sleepless and restless nights, some will make you dive into the depth of experimentation, each of you may get his own idea about them. Some of those eventually became real songs but most of them don’t. The best is to forsake them in their craddle then everyone’s free to propose an ending to them. »


SZ sample's zeal vol.2

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SZ sample's zeal
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