WIMP [noisy pop psyche]



« Wimp »until now could be an almost forgotten insult, an informatic paradigm, and of course hypothetical particules in particules physics (thanks wikipedia).

But enough with Michel Houellebecq plagiarism, for now Wimp is also a weird pop band from rennes, an adept of Deerhoof like deliquescent psychedelia as well as vintage 60’s sitars. Bringing together a sure taste for crazy ideas, crafted pop tunes and a very rocknroll energy, Wimp sparkles.
It’s a bit as if uchronian Beatles, who would never have been back from Katmandou met the pixies in the sky, with diamonds.
Ill treating their accoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and various percussions including a chair but also a slide whistle and a cowbox, the four memebers of Wimp have recorded the results of their stellar wanderings and mastered the whole stuff with a little help from David odlum in the Black Box studios. The result is called « propergols » and could become a proper goal for anyone in search of 60s and 90’s sounds, bent guitars and aerial singings.



PROPERGOLS – (january 2014)

1. Magic Land ! (2:31)
2. Geometrid Moth (2:13)
3. Blobs Plus Interblobs (3:20)
4. Fraise Inversée (2:49)
5. Noun Entities (6:19)
6. Transformation Logit (3:03)
7. Crop Circles / The Flying Saucers Keep Me Waiting (5:59)
8. Wintery Thoughts (7:13)
9. Zelda Zonks In Hotel Rooms (3:40)