Selen Peacock [cosmic jazz-pop]



Magic Keys :

It seems that GRAND was recorded in December 2016 at the « Tapis Vert  » in La Lacelle, France by Guillaume De La Villéon (La Blogothèque, La Féline, etc.).
It seems that GRAND will be out on June 2nd, 2017, on CD (Another Record) & LP (Pik Record).
It seems that GRAND has 8 pieces, from a raft ride to an imaginary journey through the primary forest of Mozambique, from a sandy house where there’s not point to live, to a big bed in the big city. You will also discover the safest way to become-ocean. Selen Peacock care less about covering its tracks than multiplying crossroads, embracing the 1970s and the 2040s, between post-futurist jazz & subordinate pop, between Alphaville and Laputa. Each song is a satellite of Jupiter, or even a small planet. Look carefully. Listen carefully.

It seems that these songs are written by Johan Saint (guitar, voice), but he was beside himself, often out of it, and are played, inhabited, incarnated by musicians in flesh & bones : Morgane Carnet (voice, organ, tenor saxophone), François Le Roux (bass, voice, piano), Martin Daguerre (saxophones), Aelred Nils (keyboards), and Philippe Boudot (drums, percussions, kalimba). They have been heard in groups that have changed the course of music and the world (it’s a work in progress), such as Samba de la Muerte, Talune, Infernale Momus or XYWHY.

It seems that it is Selen Peacock’s second album, after « Elastic Memories » released in January 2016 and of which it has been said and it means: « The freedom and nomadism of these French musicians seriously classify them as sweet dreamers and severe utopians, weaving into scoubidous  Animal Collective and Charlie Haden, Fela and Smog. » JD Beauvallet / Les Inrocks.

It seems that Selen Peacock played more than forty dates and gems since its birth in 2014.

We shall not tell you more.


Elastic recollections
(may 2016)
1. Vendège – Solace Shelter
2 Baron Rétif & Concepcion Perez – Hawaii
3. Samba de la Muerte – Landing
4. Vincent Guiot – No one knows what will happen
5. Talune – Hawaii
6. Iananiel Swins – Full of colors
7. Romain Vasser – Currents of love

Elastic memories
(january 2016)
1. No One Knows What Will Happen
2. As An Island
3. Full Of Colors
4. Solace Shelter
5. Currents Of Love
6. Landing 03:26
7. Best Of You
8. Hawaii
9. The Rythm Of My Heart