Selen Peacock – Elastic Recollections – Rework & Remix

We are very proud to introduce you to our last reslease before summer “Elastic Recollections”

Those are new versions of the Selen Peacock « Elastic Memories » album, by expert hands and ears of Selen Peacock’s friends : Samba de la Muerte, Baron Rétif & Concepcion Perez, Vendège, Talune, Inaniel Swims, Romain Vasset & Vincent Guiot.

Some are remixes some made a cover, some reworked the songs they all gave a new from to the original material, giving birth to dreamy electronica, soft dub,  surf pop, choral folk or an electro accoustic journey.

The album is available on K7 tape here 
(here as a bundle with elastic memories

and you can stream it here

we wish you good time listening and a great summer