Luc [pop music]



Singer songwriter in the french indie rock band glasnost, Luq is now going solo. His first album is a « post card » in sounds from New Zealand and in wonderful water colours by Frànçois. Mostly instrumental, it’s got the nice naive touch of melodies by his friend Ladybird for whom Luc (yes the spelling will vary) can also be seen banging on a baby-drum kit. It also has spontaneous lyrics like his long time traveling mate Nico. Since then, he’s recorded another album at the jelly fish studio playing pretty much everything on it for the exception of a trumpet line by Frànçois. The main themes here are love, mmmh… love and… monkeys. It’s called BlaBlAbLA.


(february 2011)1. Bike
2. Clever mOnkeys
3. Cockroach
4. Hum Home
5. Unoino
6. Ants
7. Blue Lies
8. Graveyard
10. Dynamite
(+ Have to go away / instrumental)

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