Dirge [pop-post-rock]



dirgeIn 2007, Dirge’s album Rebecca had a few good reviews (rockn folk, magic, abus dangereux…) Here is both their come back and thier goodbye at the same time and it’s called « Where no one has a name ». It was recorded in Le Havre in july 2009. On this record Dorge goes further away from their initial post rock influences. The pieces, though still very melodic are more percussive shiny and personnals.The basis of their music ; cello, voice guitar and drums got richer with bass, backing vocals, violin, trumpet, fuzzy and slide guitar for an album more orchestrated, both more pop and more rock. The album of the maturity. The last stop of a ten years adventure.


(august 2010)

1. Love/song
2. Untitled 1
3. 8 AD
4. You run
5. My brand new heart
6. 19 whispers
7. She said
8. We will find our way
9. My new ennemy
10. Untitled 2

(january 2007)

1. You’ve grown away from me
2. Summer single
3. Bottles of memory
4. Tourette
5. The brass band in my head
6. My north eye
7. The smithdown ten

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