Half Asleep [slow-core]


Half Asleep is the project of the young Valerie Leclercq, a belgian songwriter with her little sister. Minimal in the instrumentation (piano, acoustic guitars, sometimes drums) and very slow, Half Asleep’s music can be a beautiful mixture of sadcore, dream pop and folk sounds. Introspective, delicate, it envelops the listener like a warm bath. Valerie’s music reminds the best of Low and Tara Jane O’Neil for the atmospheric and moving soundwriting and her voice can be between Kate Wright (Movietone) and Julie Doiron’s intonations. Intimate and sometimes spiritual in its quietest moments, Half Asleep brings sensual songs for late-nights listeners, reminiscent of the soundtrack from a melancholy film scene. Listen, and good trip in the inside world of Valerie, you will probably fall ‘half asleep’ and maybe simply be addict, like us. Try it before sleeping, there’s good chance you will make beautiful dreams. We’ll hope so. Write to the artist… Read the interview David Scrima have made a nice drawing from Half Asleep’ show in Paris (At the pop in, in october). You can see this drawing and his melancolic graphic diary online there. The excellent micro-label Hinah is following Valérie in her melancholic explorations and offer us 4 tracks recorded at the Pop’In in october. The new album just came out from hinah catalogue. It is called « just before we learned to swim » and it’s a masterpiece, something beautiful and terrifying. You can download it on this page.


(september 2003)

1. Sea shells
2. Why suffering from the lack oftea?
3. Fill the turkey with your stupid jokes
4. Kay, then the fallen branches
5. Slaps=wine for the day everything is alright
6. The widow: she’s always waiting
7. Romain
8. Morning blur


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