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Jullian Angel was first revealed to the French indie scene by Another Record, with his debut album Melancholic Ecstasy (2004). In a lo-fi electro-pop kind, it still covered the folk-writing predominant side of this soloist performer. He notably opened for various international artists, having regular shows through different big cities, mostly inFrance. Also played live in a famous night broadcast on the 1st French public radio, France Inter.
Therefore, Jullian’s second issued record Life was the answer (2007) was mainly based on acoustic guitar tracks, richly arranged sometimes, though his vocals and words kept a leading role anyway. Especially over several timeless ballads, somewhere between Radiohead, Nick Drake, or Leonard Cohen, as described by different music reviewers.
2010 sees J. A. coming back with a home-recorded live Lp, For a ghost (in a room session), made of inedit stuff and revisited prior songs. A new studio album, Kamikaze planning holidays, is then to be released in February 2011 (Escape Fantasy – Les Disques Normal – Believe), featuring the belgian artist Half asleep, and mastered by Bruno Green. It brings out the music’s flesh & bones, as well as an autobiographic urgency in the lyrics.


(may 2006)1. Links
2. Pay for life
3. Born on the seventh day
4. Fragments
5. Being part of history
6. Some dead survive
7. Names on the marble
8. Mystic friend
9. Like the Christians
10. Checking your soul
11. An everlasting breath
12. Drugs
13. Final place

(october 2003)1. Farewell melody
2. Your showing pain
3. Revival
4. The line of breach
5. Sail on white seas
6. When the sun bled water
7. The best worst
8. Fallen
9. Shine
10. Missing destiny
11. The right thing (modern market)
12. Lay of augury


Carnet de guerre intime


Jullian Angel – The Strong
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