Ludmila [electro-pop]


Ludmila hadn’t released any new songs since « transported by train » in 2004, though they played some on their rare and precious shows. They are now back with « like a bliss ». During those four years, Siegfrid (former drummer for all the living and the dead) joined the band and their sound evolved towards an intimate and more accoustic atmosphere than in the past.

The band Ludmila doesn’t worry about musical definitions : electro-pop crooner ? Martial melancholy ? Tough sweetness ? Coming from a duet that quickly became a quartet and born over the ruins of The Hollow men, the members of Ludmila draw some subtle landscapes, where synthetic and delicate loops, on a full and firm bass, give shape to the tender and warm nature of acoustic soundings (accordion and guitar) and deep vocals. Some of these guys have been activists in the rock scene from Poitiers, during the 80’s. Then, the filiation with Minimal Compact and cold wave movement seems pretty natural talking about them. But Ludmila feeds also a passion for more traditional musics, as we can hear through different ballads that remind us the soft and nonchalant universe of Calexico. This gives a schizophrenic aspect to the band. On stage, Ludmila often appeal to a few video-makers, then the band’s music shows its whole fullness. Their first 5 tracks EP offers a true representation of the melancholic electro-pop side of the band.



(septembre 2004)

1. the two
2. flash
3. the supplication of the prisonner
4. promised land
5. bringing a love

(avril 2008)

1. The bliss
2. Supplication of a prisonner
3. I’m fall in love
4. Familiar Faces
5. Loneliness
6. Desire and spasm

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