Gina Artworth [post-rock-slowcore]


Interludes of overwhelming hammering rhythm among twisted-guitarred calm make the beginning for Gina ARTWORTH’s untitled debut album. Quiet moments remind me of Nicolas Laureau’s project Don Nino, specialists in jazz strangling with the rope called rock -you can call it folk, if you want to-. That is attractive. They totally go together with my likings. But it would be unfair of me not telling you about Aurélie’s voice and way of singing: so desperate, so passionate. An angst transmitter, definitely. Like wild Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) or Sasha Andres (Heliogabale), like PJ Harvey’s moan nailing in your soul. Some might think that sounds sexy, and so might I, but the biggest thing in my head is that she is a great artist. And, oh, well, I am not combining sex and art anyway. The rest is not less, certainly. Sometimes they show themselves accesible, with melodies driven by walls of guitars and a clear intense bass line. There is a well-defined structure and the progression is weighty and nice at the same time. Other times Gina ARTWORTH appears as a fierce lion in a disordered jail. Chaos and shrill noise. Just amazing! You can find this contrast throughout one song. As the final touch, a track in two pieces called « Inmature Music Pragmatical Rage Over », and you’ll ask yourself why I am telling you its name: pay attention to the initials. Improvisation. Got it? Looking for a brand new superior band? Sick and tired of flavours of the month? My sybarite ears are completely satisfied.You’d better listen to this.


(may 2003)
1. Fourty niners
2. Identical
3. Matter robber (a wish)
4. Intuition
5. Been existed

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