Lunt [expérimental]


Gilles Deles is an odd character, deeply devoted to his passion. He is a demanding musician, who often spends hours alone in his home studio, reshaping his compositions, choosing his sounds accurately, feeling the sonorous substance to its very limit. He is also a sensitive and clever artist whose creations move from rock to folk, regularly led by various electronic, experimental, noisy rock or jazz sound spectrums. Nevertheless, in the spirit of his favourite band SONIC YOUTH, the guitar remains omnipresent, sounds possibilities are offered in a wide range of forms: from acoustic rustles to distortion fury, from direct drive to filters’ staggering combinations.. LUNT’s emotional power is found at this very crossroad provided by combined simplicity and complexity. His capacity is to create feelings using pure, distorted, rickety or thoughtful tones, riding the melodies’ waves of some crystalline unexpected arpeggios. . (extract from the text written by Gerard Guibaud on Unique Records) LUNT has realized 2 LP on Unique Records and one on the experimental division of Unique Records called Hitomi Recordings. The Third of Me is another area exploring by this adventurous musician and we are proud to welcome this nice object (with very impressive photographies by Leila Bergougnoux) on another record.


My life like a picture
Creative Commons nc-sampling+
(february 2004)
1. Defenseless Smoke
2. A Thousand questions could synchronize and…
3. Moukta
4. Vicky and El Part one


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